Disappearance of the journalist: Trump promises "severe punishment" to Saudi Arabia

Disappearance of a journalist: Trump promises "severe punishment" to Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump said Saudi Arabia may be behind the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. If his suspicions are well founded, his country would inflict a "severe punishment" on the kingdom.

The Khashoggi case continues to stir. Donald Trump told CBS on Saturday (October 13th) that the United States would inflict "severe punishment" on Saudi Arabia if it is confirmed that Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the consulate of Saudi Arabia . Saudi Arabia in Istanbul.

Series of polemical articles. In this interview with the 60-minute show, the US president nevertheless reiterates his opposition to a suspension of arms sales in Ryad, saying he does not want to penalize employment in the United States. Donald Trump does not specify what sanction could be imposed on Saudi Arabia if his responsibility for the disappearance of the journalist was established.

Jamal Khashoggi went into exile in the United States a year ago, fearing that his views would result in retaliation. He left Saudi Arabia in September 2017 when authorities urged him to stop speaking on Twitter. Over the past year, he has written a series of articles published by the Washington Post , in which he denounced Ryad's attitude towards Qatar and was indignant at the war in Yemen, the repression political or censorship.

A commando of fifteen Saudis. Donald Trump told CBS that the Khashoggi affair was "probably all the more sensitive" to the fact that he is a journalist. According to the Turkish newspaper Sabah, recordings made by Jamal Khashoggi using his connected watch while inside the consulate suggest that he was tortured and killed.

The information published Saturday has not been confirmed by official sources, but many Western officials, including Americans, have said in recent days that the first elements of investigation pointed to the responsibility of a commando of fifteen Saudis, including a medical examiner. , who made a 48-hour round trip to Istanbul at the time of the journalist's disappearance.

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